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Okuizome is Japanese tradition to celebrate 100th day of birth and wish for healthy growth go teeth and happy eating (I find this very Japanese).
Since we are in London, it is almost impossible to prepare traditional Japanese serve ware, so I have made it our own style.

The cute pink plate is Teema power from Ittala, which I have been collecting.
Placemat is from ZARA home. It is actually a flower and my daughter’s name is flower related so it is a good match.
The fish – it is Sea Bream. Japanese eats Sea Bream for celebration and it is kind of a lucky charm. It is grilled by a Japanese fishmonger lady with her special skills.
She works at a lovely french fishmonger in Primrose hill, if you live nearby or interested in cooking Japanese fish dish, then worth a visit! HERE

My mum bought her a set of cutterly from Germany, with her name and birthday craved.

Silver spoon!

Wishing you a happy & healthy eating for your entire life!


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